Luxignite Rope insense with Walnut Wood stand (Caveman Version) 20pcs


The Himalayan Cedar for this fragrant rope incense is extracted from the wood of cedar trees which are found in Himalayan Region of Nepal. The common Nepali name for this Himalayan Cedar is Dhup. Pure cedar wood is rolled by hand in lokta paper. Use for meditation in your home, stupa or temple. This type of dhup is typical in Newar community and almost each and every Newar home uses it. It is also referred to as Newa Dhup in Newari culture. Each bundle contains 20pcs approximately 9cm ropes. You can burn rope incense by lying it flat on a bed of sand or ash, which allows the entire rope to burn safely and completely or use a rope incense burner. Handcrafted in Nepal.

There is no doubt that burning a rope incense has been kind of tricky for many. We present to you our innovative product to make the burning of rope incense easy and pleasant.

This is a brass stand and a Walnut plate stand. The Walnut plate stand fits the brass stand which goes through the top part of the rope incense. This way your incense hangs on the brass stand and the ash falls on the base plate.

Size and weight:

Brass Stand: 19cm tall and weighs 5 grams

Walnut Plate: 8cm x 12cm and weighs 150 grams

Rope incense :Dimension/Size
    9cm  (Total Length of Rope incense)
    No. of Rope incense in a packet = 30

    95 grams

Burning time
    10 mins

These products are made by Caveman. Our associate found the artists and offered to work with them to market their products

We are very proud to bring these products to you which has a great story behind them. Each of your purchases help provide them continue their work and lives.

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